BHS Teacher Buys Cardboard Cutout of His Head, “But Not To Be Creepy or Anything Like That”


Kay Oss

BANGOR–What is going on with the cardboard cutouts of teachers’ heads?

One teacher, Mr. Nunya Business, explains why he decided to purchase his in a riveting interview on Tuesday.

“I wanted to take it home,” says Mr. Business. “But not to be creepy or anything like that.” He elaborates on this, saying: “I thought it would be funny to give to my wife for Christmas.”

In an email, Mrs. Business stated that she was “surprised to find a head under the tree.”

The cardboard cutouts, which are blown-up photos of the teachers’ faces, are now being put in different places to scare people.

Mr. Chatenever, Room B-23, put his in his window, thus startling any student that happens to walk by. In the music department, they are mixing things up by finding different places for the heads each week.

Some places they have been found include tucked behind shelves, hidden in the corner, and chilling in the refrigerator.