New Electric Generator to be Installed at BHS

Unlike the current generator, the new generator will be strong enough to fully power the school in the event of an outage.


In the event of a power outage, BHS will be able to continue with classes or be used by the community in the event of an emergency situation.

Lindell Smiley, Staff Reporter

BANGOR–A new electric generator is soon to be installed outside Bangor High School. The generator was purchased with federal funds (allotted for school safety) and will be able to supply 1.75 megawatts of power to the school building.

The current generator backing up the school’s power is not strong enough to fully power the building in the event of an outage. The new generator, however, will offer “a seamless transition to emergency power,” Principal Butler said, and with a surplus of energy “beyond what we would ever need.”

Bangor High School is already able to act as an emergency shelter in the event of a widespread storm or outage, but the new generator greatly strengthens that ability. There have been cases in the past, such as in 2016, when power outages due to storms caused school to be canceled for multiple days.

Principal Butler said the biggest benefit of the new generator is that school will continue as normal in these cases.