Fairmount Mentoring Program in Need of Volunteers

BHS students are encouraged to sign up to mentor fourth and fifth graders.


Evangeline Eastman, Staff Reporter, Photographer

BANGOR–Since October, Bangor High School students have been making their way to Fairmount once a week to mentor younger kids; but the program is now facing issues as the fourth and fifth graders outnumber their teenage mentors. 

Program leaders are reaching out to find new mentors due to the shortage; many of the teenage mentors are “taking on 2-3 students if there is a need,” says Fairmount guidance counselor and program leader Kristin Tlili. 

The program is beneficial for both mentors and mentees. Mentors help students learn–working on homework and learning skills like multiplication tables–but together they also color, do crafts, read books, play board games, and more. “They are a huge influence on the life of a young person,” says Ms. Tlili. “Several of our mentors were mentees when they were here. They really see the value.”

The program takes place every Thursday (excluding holidays, snow days, etc.) from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Fairmount School. BHS Students can take “Bus A” to 14th Street School (the Fairmount School is just behind 14th Street School, across the back playground), but they need their own ride home when the mentoring sessions ends.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please email Ms. Tlili at [email protected] for more information! You will be greatly appreciated.