Breaking News: Bangor Going Back To Mods, Hybrid “Too Confusing”


Bangor High School

Colby Leavitt, Editor

BANGOR–Bangor High School will return to the sixteen mod system used before the pandemic, ditching the hybrid schedule that was announced late last year.

“There were a lot of mechanical problems where [the hybrid schedule] created confusion and inconsistency,” said Dr. Leach, Director of School Counseling at BHS. “If you’re trying to have a solid learning environment, it has to be consistent. In short, [the hybrid schedule] was too much.” Dr. Leach is now overseeing the process of implementing the mod schedule for next year.

The decision to abandon the original plan of a hybrid schedule with alternating mod days and block days was made after feedback from students and teachers made it clear that it was too complicated to be beneficial. See our original reporting here.

The sixteen mod schedule will consist of sixteen twenty-minute modules five days a week, running all school year. There will be advisory, but the administration is still figuring out exactly what it will look like.

Prior to the pandemic, the school followed this schedule. An updated version has yet to be released by the school. Missing is meeting times for Advisory.