Juul set to release poop scented products this April


BANGOR–Juul has met with its fair share of controversy over the years, but the company’s latest release, the Poop Pod 4-pack, is set to hit shelves this April. The idea behind the flavor came out of necessity from Juul’s younger audience.

They were tired of being caught in the school’s Juul rooms, so they needed a way to mask the smell. 

We asked happy Juul customers how they feel about the new product: “Yeah, man, I think it’s a great idea and heard it only sort-of tasted like poop! I think it’s great that Juul, as a company, is catering to their younger users.”

We also attempted to interview a hall monitor about the subject, but he took off mid-interview to chase down a kid wearing earbuds in the hall. 

Bangor High is already aware of the issue, and starting in April they will roll out a new plan to crack down on the vapers.

An inside source said they are calling it the “Defecation Proclamation,” and it will essentially be a ban on actually using the Juul rooms for their intended purpose.