Cars Traveling Through The Mall to Avoid Potholes Kickstarts Demolition of Old Mall Buildings


Thread Firestone

BANGOR – “Going through the mall did less damage to my car than going over the potholes would have!” said one person who drove through the center of  the Bangor Mall. 

Authorities say that yesterday evening three cars were found driving through the Bangor Mall  to avoid the poor road conditions. We interviewed the two police officers who handled the scene.

Here’s what one had to say: “I couldn’t catch all of the cars at once, but I’m honestly glad that some of them got away. I took an oath to protect and serve, and there’s no doubt that it’s safer to go through the mall than it is to use the roads around here.” 

Security camera footage shows Officer Bill McDonald getting out of his cruiser and running to stop the cars. As he was running he tripped and fell from what seems to be a pothole the size of a washing machine. By the time backup arrived, the Sears storefront had been almost completely demolished by local traffic using it as a two lane road.

At least that means that there’s one less waste of space building and hundreds of avoided flat tires.