Record High Gas Prices Have Caused Some to Switch to Flintstone Cars


Local drivers have had to be inventive, as recent gas prices have caused pain at the pump.

ALABAMA–A man living in rural Alabama is so fed up with the current price of gas that he has started to use a Flintstone car for transportation. 

Bubba Abernathy, of Guntersville, Alabama, constructed his own primitive Flintstone’s car last week after realizing that he had paid $156.87 for gas just to get to his favorite restaurant. 

When asked about his decision, Mr. Abernathy said, “It sure did take a while, and there were a few rocky starts, but I’d rather have sore feet than an empty wallet.” 

According to our reports, others in the neighborhood have followed in his stead, although not everyone has been as successful.

Fred Flintstone seen recently, driving to Brontoburgers Restaurant.