Lost City Found in Local Pothole


Old Trapper Keith

BANGOR–Following the brutal winter season, massive potholes have taken over city streets and have revealed unknown mysteries to the people of Bangor, including the lost city of Atlantis. 

In a local news interview with University of Maine professor Gary Winthorpe, Prof. Gary discussed the possibility of there being more unknown landmarks to be found in other potholes.

“I’ve led many expeditions down in these holes. I’m fairly certain I spotted Bigfoot twice, and I also got to ride a Pegasus down there. So there are definitely more discoveries to be made,” commented the professor.

Fire and public safety officials have advised the public to be extremely careful around these potholes. The military and bomb squad will be closing off Broadway within the next week to investigate each pothole as one of them was recently found to contain an IED (improvised explosive device) that detonated in the middle of the night.

Security camera footage has led authorities to believe that the IED was planted by Sasquatch himself in an effort to protect his massive Jack Link’s Beef Jerky stash. Thankfully drivers were careful enough to avoid this pothole and nobody was hurt in the explosion.