BANGOR JROTC To Hold Military Ball

On April 30, 2022 Bangor JROTC Will Be Holding Their Yearly Military Ball.


A scene from the previous year’s Military Ball, which is returning after being paused due to the Covid outbreak.

Cheyenne Markus, Reporter

BANGOR—Bangor JROTC Cadets will be putting on the annual Military Ball on April 30, after two years of not having a “normal” dance. 

The Military Ball is a ceremony where the JROTC battalion celebrates the hard work that has been done throughout the school year. It’s also to thank family members for supporting their loved ones in the Military. The Military Ball has been a thing since the 1800s, and it’s usually held on June 14, which is the Army’s birthday.

This year marks the 85th Military Ball at Bangor High. 

 “It is designed to show respect, honor and remember those who are no longer with us here on earth, who dedicated their lives to military service. Most units have their own military ball which is usually held on a date of significance particular to that unit. It is an excellent time to celebrate those students who have excelled by presenting awards. Our Senior who will soon be leaving us and entering the next phase of their life’s operation.  As well as teachers, parents and staff who helped the JROTC program and students succeed along the way. This will be my first BHS Military Ball and I am excited to see the traditions the Ram Battalion has established over the years,” says CSM Brooks, the Army Instructor for JROTC. 

“The Bangor JROTC Military Ball is our Battalion’s signature event. It is planned and executed by the cadets themselves and represents the culmination of four years in the program. We have many cadets eager to attend this year’s ball and even some cadets from the past two years who were denied a ball because of the pandemic. It is going to be a great time!” says LTC (R) Lyon, the Senior Army Instructor for JROTC.

Last year, the battalion held a Dining Out. During the 2019-2020 school year, no ball was held due to the start of the pandemic. The staff at the time tried very hard to put one on, but it just didn’t work out. The Dining Out had a nice turnout, but it just didn’t have the same meaning as the Military Ball, most members thought. 

“When the pandemic came, it changed the whole layout of the battalion because we were masking. It was 50 people at first then they bumped it up to 100 people. It was really challenging especially for the staff that we had last year, they were struggling to hold funds and keep cadets in. You know a year and a half later it’s been a big turn around with Covid, not disappearing, but we see it being eliminated from a lot of places and the restrictions being lifted, school and military ball purposes are back to normal. Having what I had my freshman year is tremendous. It’s great because my sophomore year, we didn’t have anything. Last year my junior year we had a dining out, and don’t get me wrong it was wonderful, but it didn’t have that military ball aspect with the dancing, and with hundreds of guests, but you know that being put in a position this year where Covid isn’t a big issue and being able to plan it an having a full Military Ball the way that I remember it, is a really good idea, and I’m looking forward to it” says Melissa Brown this years Battalion Commander. 

The total cost for the entire Military Ball is approximately $3,500, funded in part through fund raising efforts by members of the JROTC. The location of the ball is going to be held in the Bangor High Gymnasium on Saturday, April 30,2022, from 6pm to 11pm.