The Best Times to be Playing

Benjamin B., Class of 2023

One of my all time favorite pastimes is playing video games. I enjoy everything about them, from the gameplay itself, the mechanics that go into the game, the storyline of a game like DMC series, or Doom eternal, or even Slime Rancher and games like those video games are something that. I remember my first video game being Skylanders Giants (I got the first game for Christmas a while back). I hadn’t stopped playing that game until I had sold all my Skylander stuff(and I still kinda regret it though).

As the years went by,or I went from the impressionable age of 10 to a more mature age of 17, the video games I grew up with became increasingly more rare but very nostalgic, as well. If there was a video game that I’d have to live in it’d have to either be Coffee Talk, Slime Rancher, or even Minecraft. Games like these have a sense of calming and relief when you play them even after a bad day or if you’re mentally tired you always have video games to fall back on as a sort of escape from the world.

Video games are not only a way to help with mental health and help protect the young minds from the bad parts of the world, they can also help those who are in hospitals find a way to pass the time. There are charities,much like Gamers Outreach ,  out there who use video games to help kids in hospitals to help pass the time and to get into video games as well. If there was a major I could be in, it would have to be something that is related to video games and 2-D concept art. This is because I want to help those with mental health issues and those who are in the hospital—even if it just makes their lives a little bit better in any way.