The Ace of the Company

Nicholas M., Class of 2023

“Champ, people are unpredictable. Wild even,” my great grandfather once said. 

“Take this deck of cards for an example: The face cards are the rulers of a business or society; the suit just divides them up. As far as they’re concerned, you’re just one of these many little numbers in their ranks. Yet, you need to find a way to go beyond being just a number. You should be the Ace of the company.” 

This life changing advice happened a few years before he passed, and it has stuck with me ever since. 

I knew then that he wasn’t just referring to being number one. As time passed, the point he was making became clearer and clearer to me. One can’t escape that they’re sometimes nothing more than a number in the system; but, with hard work that distinguishes your efforts, you can be more than just a number. You can be  irreplaceable. For once, you actually become a face; it’s a whole new world that’s filled with stories to tell. 

Practically speaking, his advice has also shown me to not just stick to your comfort level, but exceed your own expectations. The opinions of those around you matter, though one should never take them to heart. Do what’s required; then once you’re done, go back and improve upon yourself. You may try to push yourself further than you can handle. This Is fine, but eventually you won’t be able to push any further. One should break through their limits and progress. This all circles back to the game we call life.

Life is a game, and I do enjoy a game. Card game, board game, video game, puzzle. If it’s a task, then it takes raw determination to succeed. It’s this determination I shall bring in this game called life. In this case this outstanding game board is your institute. College is the biggest game of chance for anyone entering into the adult world. One can flop or succeed. My odds may or may not be in my favor, but there’s nothing wrong with a game of chance. 

One is taught that gambling isn’t a way to live, but taking a chance is an action you do every day. Every action you make over another is always a form of risk. No matter how small or major, a wrong decision can backfire. Of course, realistically, nothing major will ever happen. Yet, trying something new isn’t always the right answer. However, where’s the fun in that. Learn to live a little, but still follow obvious safety protocols. 

Over the years I’ve undergone an interesting observation. People either are too daring, or almost paralyzed by inaction. One needs to understand that limits exist, but they need to be able to come out of that comfort level. Being able to read the room is an aspect one should develop in order to progress in the world. Once that trait is honed, you can get ahead at a much faster pace. Being able to make that connection or bond cements mutual respect. 

Trust isn’t as strong as it used to be with people. People hide and lie by putting their world in a veil. My dream is to remove that veil from those around me and make a connection with those around me in my ideal career. I know that I want to go into an engineer-based program. Whether it be manufacturing, design, I.T. work, or computer design. This line of work requires a form of trust with your colleagues. To get there one needs to get out of their comfort zone, and become the Ace they need to be.