Q+ Club Undergoes Changes to Support Members

The club’s official new title is “Q+: Students for Equality” and it has elected a new board of officers.


LGBTQ+ Pride stickers up at Bangor High.

Evangeline Eastman, Senior Editor

BANGOR–The club formerly known as Q+ is now officially called “Q+: Students for Equality” after a decision by its newly-elected executive board.

The new executive board consists of Co-Presidents Emily Rutherford and Grace “Jasper” Bennett, Vice President Carolyne Sauda, Secretary Sebastian Davis, and Treasurer Hex Danford.

During the 2021-22 school year, the club’s administration decided on the name “Q+” to reflect the club’s identity as a combination of the former Students for Gender Equality club and LGBTQ-Straight Alliance. The newest name change is meant to more clearly reflect that the club is focused on gender equality and feminism in addition to LGBTQ+ equality.

“Some members of the previous clubs felt under-represented in specific areas,” said Co-President Jasper Bennett. “We want to make our club a welcoming space for all and combine the values of feminism and LGBTQ+ activism.”

The new co-presidents are looking forward to a new school year where they will have more opportunities to create positive change.

“I’m looking forward to taking on some new projects and continuing some old ones,” said Co-President Emily Rutherford. “We’re really excited to collaborate with other clubs and to provide more aspects of the old Students for Gender Equality club.”

One big aspect of the original Students for Gender Equality club was the annual magazine they produced, which included art and writing done by club members, all centered around the subject of equality. Emily said that as co-president, she hopes to bring the magazine back this year.