Golf Team Seniors Express Appreciation for Team

This year, the team has three seniors: Matt Holmes, Mike McLean, and Liam Doughty.


Maddy Thai, Sports Editor

BANGOR–This year, the Bangor High Golf Team has three seniors: Liam Doughty, Matt Holmes, and Mike McLean.

The golfers spoke at the Pep Rally two weeks ago about their appreciation for the team, and I was able to get quotes from the latter two that elaborated on their experiences.

McLean noted the importance of perseverance “no matter how hard things may get in a golf match.” He said, “The [Bangor golf] program has helped me improve my golf game as a whole. I have drastically improved my swing and my putting ability on the green. I will miss the practices with my buddies and the long busy trips and golf in general.”

Holmes also improved with the program. He stated, “I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to golf than just hitting the ball. It’s a hit or miss. Some days you play the lights out then the next, the club feels like a foreign object. It’s a mental game and you have to be mentally tough.”