Cheer Team Applauds Graduating Senior


Judith Michalik

The 2022 Fall Cheer Team at Cameron Stadium this fall.

Maddy Thai, Sports Editor

The BHS fall cheer team had one senior, Taylor Blackwell.

Blackwell says that cheering for Bangor High School changed her for the better.

“I think in all sports you have very bad times and you want to quit… But I’ve never thought about quitting with Bangor. The energy is amazing every single year that I have come,” she said. “You only have four years of high school. You want to make it the best. Sports are a great way to do that because you can meet so many new people. I have made my greatest friends here, friends that I know I’m going to have for a lifetime, just because of one sport that lasts three months.”

Ashley and Hope Oulette are first-year coaches and previously cheered for Bangor.

“You never grow out of the sport,” said Ashley Oulette. “Once you’re in it, you’re in it for life. [My sister and I] are excited to take on the challenge and see if we can keep this program to the high standards that [the previous coaches] had it before they left.”