Upcoming Movie Night in BHS Library

The event will be November 10th, at 6pm, and all proceeds will go toward the Jared Box Project.


Evangeline Eastman, Senior Editor

BANGOR–A coalition of several student clubs will be hosting a charity movie night in Bangor High’s library on November 10th, starting at 6pm. The movie is going to be Beetlejuice (1988).

As with previous charity movie nights, admission is completely free and any Bangor High student or teacher can attend. A variety of baked goods will be sold at the event.

All proceeds raised will go towards the Jared Box Project, a charity that puts togetherboxes of toys, games, coloring supplies, and other gifts for children who are hospitalized. The gifts provide them with a fun diversion from their injuries or illness.

Reminder that November 11th, the day after the event, is Veteran’s Day and Bangor School District students have the day off from school.