Bangor High Celebrates Its Veterans

Juniors and seniors at BHS attend a ceremony to honor veterans who were or are members of the BHS community.


Adrianna Faulkner, Staff Reporter

BANGOR–On Thursday, November 10, Bangor High held a ceremony to celebrate veterans who have been a part of its community. The event took place during the school day, with juniors and seniors in attendance.

The ceremony began with the posting of colors by the Bangor High School JROTC and a rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner by the BHS Band. Each of the inductees was introduced and then presented individually with plaques commemorating their achievements and their induction into the Veteran Honor Roll.

Lieutenant Colonel Jack Curtsman made a speech, which concluded with “God Bless Bangor High” and “God Bless America.”

Lieutenant General Omer also made a speech, telling the story of a colleague that had sacrificed himself in combat when another officer was killed. He also told a story of when he played football. These stories of his friend, George, aroused much laughter from the audience. “Listening is a really big deal,” Omer said, “It doesn’t mean that you have to agree, but just listen.” This is the advice, or “pearl of wisdom”, as he put it, that he wanted to give to the audience.

The inductees were Lieutenant General Donald Yates, Petty Officer John DeRoche, Master Sergeant Bernice Dill, Lieutenant Colonel Jack Curtsman, and Lieutenant General Omer.

The ceremony was overseen by Hailey Comstock, a member of the BHS JROTC.