Bangor High Put On Hold Due to Heating Line Fracture

Students and teachers remained in classrooms on Jan. 11, while administration handled a “water situation” in B-wing.


Image shows a sign detailing BHS emergency procedures.

Evangeline Eastman, Senior Editor

BANGOR–Bangor High was put on hold January 11, at around 12:20 p.m. due to a heating line break.

Teachers and students were asked to remain in classrooms until further notice and to stay away from critical areas such as the back stairwell in B-wing and the catwalk connecting wings A and B. The intercom announcement referred to the issue as a “water situation.”

At about 12:50 pm, Principal Butler sent an email to BHS families informing them of the situation–which he described as “a heating line break that created some disruption”–and assuring them it was not an emergency. 

“Water from a cracked heating line impacted two classrooms,” read his email. “Students were held in place until we could address the water and route students around the issue.”

The hold lasted no more than 20 minutes; but, it crossed over into Mod 13 and put students and teachers slightly behind schedule. While transitioning to Mod 13, some students had to take alternative routes to reach their classrooms. For example, students were prevented from accessing the skywalk. 

The RamPage attained a video of the flooding that occurred in the classroom. The recording, attached below, shows water cascading from the ceiling.

As of the morning of Jan. 12, the classes normally held in B-24 have been relocated and many ceiling tiles have been removed, likely due to water damage.

A view through the door window of B-24 shows that many ceiling tiles have been removed, likely due to water damage. (Photo taken Jan 12, around 9 am.)
A sign posted on the door of Room B-24 details the relocation of certain classes. (Photo taken Jan 12, around 9 am.)