Bangor High Biology Teacher Publishes Book on Mythical Creatures

Packard’s Second Book reaches #1 in Category on Amazon


Christopher Packard, a Bangor High School biology teacher

Iann Keb Leigh, Staff Reporter

Christopher Packard, one of Bangor High School’s valued biology teachers, published his second book, Mythical Creatures of Maine: Fantastic Beasts from Legend and Folklore, on September 1st, 2021.  

The book, a 200-page field guide to legendary animals that may reside in Maine, reached #1 New Release in the category of “Supernaturalism” on, an indication of Packard’s strong promotion of his work and the interest of the public in supernatural creatures. Packard hosted a book signing at gift shop Charmed in Brewer, another at the Unexplained Maine event in Acaia East Campground, and also maintains a Facebook account and website dedicated to his publications. 

Packard is excited about his new book, and says that “It’s amazing to see this book be published. I love how the stories are a rich web of the English, French, and Native American cultures who all call Maine home. Every place and every people has a folklore about mysterious creatures, monsters, and beings. Knowing these stories is our cultural heritage and we should not forget them – they are valuable and all based in truth somehow. Some of the creatures are very familiar, most people have heard of bigfoot, fairies, and sea monsters – but I think the older creatures that haunt this land like the dungavenhooter and the French loup garou, and the Native Pamola should also be remembered.”

Mythical Creatures of Maine will join a rich collection of books by Maine authors regarding legendary animals, such as Cryptozoology A to Z, by Loren Coleman, the owner of Maine’s International Cryptozoology Museum and Chimney Pond Tales, by Maine Guide Leroy Dudley.

Mythical Creatures of Maine is available on, at BAM, and The Briar Patch in Downtown Bangor, and in both the Bangor High School library and the Bangor Public Library. 

The Bangor High School library will also be hosting an educational session with Packard and illustrator Dan Kirchoff on Tuesday, October 19th, to share their experience in creating and publishing the book with students. A recording of the session will be available for those unable to attend. For more information, please contact BHS librarian Ms. Watson.

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