Outdoor Lunchtime Invites Unwanted Guests

Wasps are out in the courtyard during lunch time. What does it mean?


A picture of the nest on campus.

Lenny Ali Ihsan, Staff Reporter

BANGOR–Throughout all of September, the wasps were buzzing around and eating students’ meals during lunch time outside.

Students who choose to sit outside for lunch do know that the wasps are around and bothersome.  Wasps are attracted to sweet things like apples, juices, or honey.  But they are not as bad as you think. Wasps do not have the intention of stinging unless you bother them or you seem as a threat to them.

“Wasps come out in early spring and spend their time in the summer upgrading their nests.  Wasps are only aggressive towards people because they are trying to protect their nest, they think that we are intruders,” said Mrs. Lankhorst, a Biology teacher at BHS. “They are mostly attracted to fruits and sweet things.  If the smell of something is sweet to them, then they will come to it.”

Mrs. Conrath, also a Biology teacher, adds this: “Wasps do hibernate in their nests in winter, so they collect food, they come to get the food from the students because that is the nearest location to them, they do not want to go far. Their nests can be either on trees, or underground.  It can be very hard to find their nests.”

A fire drill two weeks ago happened and there was a wasp nest on school grounds.

Mr. Reed, assistant principal, said that they have searched all over the place for any wasp nests. But they could not find any obvious ones, but only the nest at the front of the school.  The people who took care of the wasp nest sprayed the nest, which killed the wasps, he said.

So, how do you react to these insects?  It’s easy, just stand up from your seat and remain calm.  No need to hurt the wasp, or it will hurt you back, they are just trying to gather food.  Stay safe!

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