History of Bangor High School

The Stories of How Bangor High School Came to Be


One of BHS’s first buildings.

Juliette Simmons, Staff Reporter

The first Bangor High School burnt down due to a fire on Broadway. This led to the second Bangor High School being built. This building was home to the first water closet in the city. The third home of Bangor High School was located next to the now Bangor Public Library.

In 1963, the current home of Bangor High School was opened. Since then, changes have been made to improve the school. “When I started working here in 2002, the building was being added to,” said BHS Vice Principal Mr. Reed.

Bangor High School has become known for its academic and athletic achievements over the years.  In 2001, it was recognized as a Blue Ribbon School, an award of academic excellence. Since 2004, the superintendent’s award has been awarded to students whose GPA is competitive. 

Bangor High School has the most state champions in the state of Maine. “At least one state championship was won with [longtime Athletics Director] Mr. Vanidestine coaching” added Mr. Reed.