Spirit Week at Bangor High!

This Year’s Spirit Week Aims to Boost Morale After COVID Restrictions

Iann Leigh, Staff Reporter

Monday, Oct. 18: Class Color Day! Every year, the different grades, or classes, at BHS pick a color that they’ll all wear on this day. Seniors will be wearing black, juniors will be wearing white, sophomores green, and freshman blue.

Tuesday, Oct. 19: TV/Movie Day! Dress up as your favorite character from a TV show or a movie. This is the broadest theme, and most people will get pretty creative.

Wednesday, Oct. 20: Wild West Wednesday! I’m a big fan of the alliteration on this one, and I like the theme, too. A wild west theme is pretty self explanatory. But if you need guidance, I’d recommend plaid, a bandana, and a cowboy hat. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that it’s respectful of different cultures and avoids racial stereotypes.

Thursday, Oct. 21: Celebrity/Athlete Day! Pretend that you’re a celebrity, an athlete, or even an athlete who’s a celebrity.

Friday, Oct. 22: Senior Day/Bangor Day! This is senior theme day for seniors, and Bangor Day for everyone else. Seniors will all dress up to match their theme, which is kept a secret until Friday. Everyone else can dress in red and white, the Bangor school colors.