People Fear Snow Days are Fading Out of Existence Due to Rise in Remote Learning

COVID-19 Prompted a Large Increase in Remote Learning, Which Some Administrators Plan to Use When Conditions are Unsuitable to Commute to School


Assistant Vice Principal Mr. Reed in his office this month.

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BANGOR—Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, students were able to choose between remote, in person, or hybrid learning. However, even then, in-person students frequently went remote due to COVID-19 outbreaks in the schools and in the support staff, including bus drivers. When this happened, teachers and students were prepared to continue on the school days through Google Classroom. 

On October 6, 2020, the Bangor School Department released a statement saying that snow days would be replaced by remote learning days. There were people strongly against this, as well as for it. Eventually, a compromise was made on December 9, 2020, that said that snow days with no schoolwork or virtual meetings would still happen, but remote learning could still occasionally be used.

The Bangor School Department’s website says, “At the December 9, 2020, Bangor School Committee meeting, [then] Interim Superintendent Dr. Kathy Harris-Smedberg announced that Bangor Schools will not make all snow days remote learning days, but leave the option for at least two snow days throughout the school year.” 

Bangor High School’s Assistant Principal Mr. Reed said recently, “The superintendent will come out with a clear plan soon because snow days will be upon us in a month or so.” He also said that whether remote learning is used or not will be based on the severity of the weather conditions. 

For example, bad driving conditions will always warrant a snow day, but if everyone has power, remote learning will be used. However, extreme blizzards will warrant usual snow days with no remote learning. According to Mr. Reed, “…safety is the number one concern.”

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