Exams are coming up!

Here’s what you need to know about exam week. 


Lenny Ali Ihsan, Staff Reporter

BANGOR— The BHS Winter Final Exam week is arriving very soon in less than two weeks, so get ready! On January 25th, 2022, Tuesday will be the official starting day of testing.

There are four blocks in our schedules, so exams have been stretched into a four-day period. Block A final exam- January 25th, 2022, Tuesday.

Block B final exam-  January 26th, 2022, Wednesday.

Block C final exam- January 27th, 2022, Thursday.

Block D final exam- January 28th, 2022, Friday.

Keep in mind that exams can count up to 20 percent of your semester average grade, depending on the teacher. For any seniors who are in a strong academic status may be exempted. Contact your teacher if you have any questions or requests about exam exemptions. If you have an excused absence in any of the exam days, you will have five days to make up the test. With any questions, contact Mrs. Hopkins at [email protected].

The semester ends on January 28th, on the last day of the Winter Final Exam week. Starting on Monday, January 31st, student schedules and courses will transition into a new block schedule, so make sure that you know where you are going on Monday. If you are unsure of what your next semester’s schedule looks like, go on Infinite Campus and click on “Schedule” on the left bar, or contact your school guidance counselor.

Last, but not least, take care of yourselves. Make a productive time to fit in studying and have a cup of water beside you so you won’t forget to hydrate. Make sure to get tons of sleep during exam week (at night, of course), it keeps your memory fresh and you will focus better! Once finals finish, take time to reset yourself and prepare for the new courses!

Good luck!