Muggles and Wizards Rejoice: Harry Potter Celebrates 20th anniversary

How Harry Potter has influenced the lives of many students and teachers.


Mrs. Woodworth

Juliette Simmons

BANGOR–Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary is here and is still popular amongst students and teachers. Students and faculty talk about how Harry Potter has influenced their lives and why they love it.

“Harry Potter got me out of a dark place, and I got attached to the characters like they were my own friends,” says Lorelei MacKenzie, a Freshman at BHS. Lorelei continues, “It helped me get off my phone and inspired me to read more. Remus Lupin is my favorite character from Harry Potter because he was always there for Harry and a cool character overall. If I could tell someone who has started to read Harry Potter I would say It makes you ten times cooler if you know about Harry Potter.”

Mrs. Woodworth, an English teacher at BHS talks about Harry Potter and what it means to her. 

“It was a really captivating book to read when I was in high school, [and it’s] nice to see current high school students reading it. My students were able to analyze elements of storytelling with Harry Potter and build confidence in reading. I see students reading more independently. My favorite book from Harry Potter is The Goblet of Fire because… it is where it turns from a children’s book series to an adult book series. It becomes much darker when the first character is killed.”  

Beckett Parkin, a Junior at BHS talks about what Harry Potter means to him. “It’s a lot of fun and a good escape to go to, Harry Potter is like a symbol of childhood.” “Harry Potter made me look at school as a place to have fun and a place to learn and made me want to read more.” “My favorite character from Harry Potter is Mad Eye Moody because he is a cool character.” “My favorite movie from Harry Potter is The Goblet of Fire because the games were fun and it had a good climax.” “The Sorcerer’s Stone is my favorite Harry Potter book because it has youthful energy, and has a good opening.” “ If I could tell someone that has just started to read Harry Potter I would tell them that it’s worth the amount of pages to read to get through it.”  

Teachers favorite characters:

Mr. Crabtree: Cedric Diggory

Mr. Jacques: Sirius Black

Ms. Kirkpatrick: Albus Dumbledore

Ms. Venturelli: Hermione Granger

Mr. Sanders: Dolores Umbridge 

Mr. Hutchins: Dobby

Ms. Woodworth’s honorable mention character: Draco Malfoy

Lorelei MacKenzie
Beckett Parkin