Bangor Students Zoom with Foreign Leaders

BHS students meet in the library to conference virtually with government officials from countries near Ukraine, to discuss the ongoing conflict.  


Isabel Kidwell, a BHS senior, moderates Bangor’s end of the virtual conference.

Evangeline Eastman, Reporter

BANGOR–On March 9th, students gathered in the Bangor High library to participate in a conversation with guest speakers from the countries of Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as they discussed the war in Ukraine.

Students heard from Zlatko Lagumdzija, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Eka Tkeshelashvili, a Georgian politician who has served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of the National Security Council, and the Minister of Justice of Georgia.

Isabel Kidwell, a Bangor High senior, was the moderator for the virtual conference that spanned across the country and globe. She spoke directly with the guest speakers and asked questions submitted by students. Students asked about how Ukraine’s neighbors were adapting to take in refugees, and what the speakers’ opinions were on how the United Nations should act during this crisis.

The speakers had firsthand experience with the political history of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and they gave detailed explanations of the situation. They offered their perspectives and delivered a message centered on the importance of liberty and protecting Ukraine’s independence from Russia. 

As said by former Prime Minister Lagumdzija during the zoom, “Ukraine today is about us, tomorrow.” 

Students zoom with foreign officials in the BHS library.
Ukraine and surrounding countries are all impacted by the war, including welcoming approximately 2 million refugees.