Sunflower of Peace: Bangor High’s Next Big Fundraiser

Raising Money to Provide Medical and Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian Doctors and Paramedics


The Bangor High community will be encouraged to wear yellow and blue on April 1st, to support Ukrainians and them during a time of war.

Grace Bennett, Reporter

BANGOR–On March 8th, eight Bangor High clubs came together to discuss a fundraiser for Ukraine.

Sam Conner Self, Annalena Wittmann, and Bridget Fraizer invited student club representatives Caroline Sauda, Emily Rutherford, Evangeline Eastman, and Grace Bennett, along with teacher advisors, to introduce Sunflower of Peace, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to aiding Ukrainians that are impacted by Russian military invasion. 

“It was Sam Conner Self’s idea, but once he came to me with it I knew it was something I definitely wanted to make happen,” states Wittmann. “I hope this fundraiser not only raises a lot of money but also gets as many people as possible knowing about the situation. I hope we can give Ukraine as much help as we can.”

Founded in 2014, the Sunflower of Peace Foundation is a fundraiser based in Boston. Originally, the organization worked with Ukrainian orphans and displaced persons, but recently their focus has shifted to raising money to provide medical and humanitarian aid for doctors and paramedics.  

Overwhelming support to host a fundraiser came from the clubs present.

“Sam and I are co-presidents of Q+, and after we talked about the idea with our executive board I went and talked about it with Key Club, which I’m president of as well,” Wittmann explains. “We decided to host a multi-club meeting to try to get as many people involved as possible. I think representatives from Key Club, Q+, Rho Kappa, Civil Rights, Minority Student Union, Teen Mindfulness Group, SEED, and Student Council were all there. Everyone was super supportive and had a ton of ideas for how to make it better, which I really appreciated. I’m really thankful that the idea has had so much support, and that when it came to carrying out our ideas there were so many people who wanted to help. I’m not sure if so many clubs have worked together on something like this before, but it’s been a really great and smooth-sailing process- I’m excited to see how much money we raise!”

Conner Self, Wittmann, and Fraizer introduced multiple ideas for a fundraiser on April 1st. In the library April 1st from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the clubs will be hosting a movie night. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the selected movie, admission is free, and a place for donations will be accessible. Food and drinks will be available for purchase, and all proceeds will go to Sunflower of Peace.

During the day of March 31th and April 1st, there will be tables set up near the cafeteria where students can purchase Ukrainian themed stickers ($1), magnets ($2), and sunflower seeds ($1). Students will also be able to pre-order sunflower plants that will be distributed at the end of May or early June. The price of sunflower plants is also $5. On more information about stickers, magnets, and sunflower seeds students are encouraged to reach out to Sam Conner Self. For more information about pre-ordering sunflowers, students can contact Grace Bennett.

On April 1st, teachers will be given the option to wear blue jeans for $10. Students will also be encouraged to wear yellow and blue on April 1st.

“I hope that people are excited about it, and actually show up,” Wittmann continues. “I think sometimes it feels like there’s not a lot we ourselves can do to help out, but this fundraiser is an opportunity for people to directly make change. I hope everyone really takes advantage of that, no matter if they’re a student or a teacher. This is a massive opportunity to do some good for the world, and I hope the school wants that as much as I and my co-organizers do.”