Next Bass Pro Fishing Tournament to be held at Bangor Mall Potholes


Pothole fish are rising in popularity, threatening lobster demand from tourists.

Block Smith and Tackle Smith, Fishin' Experts

BANGOR–Potholes in Maine have been a big issue recently. They have grown so big that people are finding fish in them.

“With the newfound fish in these potholes, I feel the next fishing tournament should be held here,” says Berry Lou, owner of Bass Pro. 

When interviewing Mainers about this, they said, “I think this is a great idea for the Bangor Area; it may finally get some people to go to the mall…heck, with it they can get Chick-Fil-A, then go fishing all in about ten minutes.”

Fishing expert Buck Clifton said, “Well daahn, in sixty-foah yeahs I’ve nevah once fished out of a pothole, but looks like I’ll have to drive myself out to Bangoah to catch me some pothole fish. I heard theyah even bettah than lobstah.” 

RamPage fishing reporters Block and Tackle Smith were recently sent to investigate how deep these potholes actually were.

According to Block, Tackle jumped in and has yet to reappear; so hopefully someone hooks him in the upcoming tournament.